cypsiman2 (cypsiman2) wrote,

fandom meme frome elle white

Name a fictional canon/fandom I know (and am at least a little active in), and I'll tell you:

01. The first character I fell in love with:
02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now:
03. The character I would shag anytime:
04. The character I'd slap:
05. Who are my 3 favorite characters.
06. What are my 3 favorite pairings.
07. Which character I'm most like.
08. The coolest thing about the canon:
09. The lamest crappiest thing about the canon:
10. My guiltiest pleasure in this fandom:
11. What story I wish I could read (or art I wish I could see)
12. What story I wish I had written/still want to write
Tags: meme

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