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01 September 2012 @ 04:42 pm
Where I Watch Fresh Pretty Cure! Episode 6  
This was a really, really, really good episode, easily the best of the series thus far; not only do we get a nice exploration into Love and why she is the way she is, not only is this expressed through her bonds with her mother, but the pacing and direction for everything is just really well done.

Souler, the third villain, finally gets off his duff and quickly demonstrates that he is by far the most intelligent and dangerous of the bunch by attacking indirectly, making things that children love disappear without having to be anywhere near them at the time, and he just goes for bigger and bigger things until he finally realizes that if you want to make children feel the ultimate despair, you make their parents disappear, and the way this works into Love's sub-plot with her mother feels natural, nothing feels contrived or forced at all. Heck, even at the end when Love's mother makes her eat her carrots, which she'd been established throughout the episode as hating, she doesn't suddenly go "Gosh, carrots really are great after all!" No, she has to force herself to stomach the orange vegetable, which is much more realistic, a funny thing to say in a show like this.

The animation for the fight scene also seemed better than usual, though Pretty Cure does typically have really nice fight animation, this was just more so in my estimation.